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Exclusive Beach Setups

What's better than a luxury picnic? A luxury picnic on the beach, of course!  Indulge in this unique experience under the Florida sun!  Perfect for any occasion you can think of from romantic dates, baby showers, birthdays to bridal showers and micro weddings! 

What's included?

All of our beach setups include picnic planning and custom design along with local beach arrangements including any permitting if applicable, travel fee, beach setup fee, delivery, tear down, complete clean up, blankets/rugs, assorted pillows, themed decor, picnic table/s, candle setting, flatware, glassware, plates, linen napkins,  placemats/charger plates, premium disposable dinnerware, customized letter/chalk board, bluetooth speaker, your choice of shading, waste basket,  hand sanitizer/wipes, bug repellent/ sunscreen, shoe rack, cooler, and games. 

*Regular height tables and chairs are available. Ask your picnic coordinator for more info*

Have questions? Just Contact us! Let's set up the picnic of your dreams!


Beach Packages

Beach  Perfect  for  2


Beach Perfect for 4

3-4 Guests



Beach Perfect for 6

5-6 Guests


Beach Perfect for 10

7-10 Guests


For groups larger than 10 please Contact us

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