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The food experience is central to any celebration.  From picnics and birthdays to corporate meetings and weddings, we're here to help make your life easier and more delicious!


We have partnered with local vendors from Orlando, FL to offer delicious food options.  Add grazing boxes, charcuterie boards, a grazing table or cater a whole event!  

** Please inform us of any food allergies when booking **


Grazing boxes or boards are the perfect add-on to your picnic! 

  • Traditional - cheeses, meats, nuts, grapes, crackers, spread, dessert, olives and the likes.

                             This is a good choice if you are wanting a little of everything.

  • Fruit - fruit only.

  • Vegetarian - veggies, fruit, crackers, spread cheeses and the likes. Similar to the traditional option minus the meats.

  • Desserts - strawberries, cakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls, brownies and the likes.

  • Brunch - mini bagels/ croissants/ waffles, fruit, spreads, salami and the likes.

  • Sweets - cakes, cookies PLUS candy! Perfect for kid picnic parties! 

*Please keep in mind that although we list charcuterie components, they are not all guaranteed to be included. We have listed these to give you an idea of what the board/box will consist of*

**Charcuterie Prices include a delivery fee**


Add a buffet bar to your picnic!

We will bring fresh, delicious food to you - buffet style.

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