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By Picnic Perfect Orlando

* Please note: a la carte backdrop/balloon services (no picnic) have an $800 minimum *

Bring your themes to life with a unique backdrop!  We offer a variety of wooden pieces and frames that can be set up alone or decorated with balloons, florals or both! We will also work with you to create custom pieces! You dream it, we'll create it!

Modern Abstract Backdrops

Create a Modern Abstract Backdrop to match your theme! We offer "sails" in various sizes ranging from 2ft - 7ft tall. These sails can be arranged in numerous ways to create a backdrop with a modern twist! We will paint or decorate the sails to match any theme. We can also add wooden word cutouts! Contact us today with any questions!


3-D Backdrops

Let us create an immersive experience with a backdrop you and your guests can walk IN to!  We can achieve these looks by combining balloon installations with props! Backdrops like no other!  Contact us for more info.

Custom Backdrops

Have a vision of your own and need help bringing it to life? Contact us and let's get started on creating your dream backdrop!

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