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Policies & Procedures

All picnics are reserved for 2 hours. You may add additional time as an add-on.
We recommend you book your picnic as early as possible to reserve your desired date.
Full payment, including a deposit (when applicable),  is required to reserve your date.

**Any damage to our equipment/decor will be deducted from your deposit**

Deposit & Payment

An additional deposit will be required for picnics with more than 12 guests and select backdrops. The deposit amount will vary based on the equipment rented. Deposit is returned promptly within 24 hours after your picnic if all materials are returned undamaged. However, it may take 3-5 days to show up in your account.

Equipment/Decor Rental

​In order to keep our Picnics luxurious and full of beautiful photo ops we ask that you please be courteous and careful in keeping equipment and decor whole and stain-free.

We strive to maintain our equipment clean, sanitized and in pristine condition for our clients. After each picnic fabrics are laundered and equipment is fully sanitized.

If you are bringing your own food, try to avoid foods that stain easily like tomato sauce, for example.

Any damage to our equipment/decor will be deducted from your deposit.

Rain/Severe Weather

Due to our unpredictable Florida weather, we highly recommend that you have a back up plan for an inside location or a covered patio. No refunds will be issued due to rain. You will have the option of changing your location or rescheduling to an available date. 

Choosing A Location

When choosing a public park, please be aware that we must submit a request to the city/county to get permission to set up. In not doing so , we run the risk of getting your picnic shut down.

If you choose a park or beach please do a site visit beforehand to ensure there is a good spot. Google Maps photos are not always up to date.

Select a location that easily accessible. We have a very large number of items that are involved with each set up. If there are flights of stairs, sand/dunes or hikes involved there will be an additional extensive set up fee.

Reservation Cancellations

Client maintains right to cancel up to 48 hours prior to delivery date; however, a cancellation fee will apply.

Groups of 10 or less will incur a cancellation fee of $185. Groups of 11-25 guests will incur  a cancellation of $285.

Groups of 25+ will incur a cancellation fee of $425.

In addition to the above cancellation fees, ALL refunds will also incur a prorated fee based on items purchased for your event, including but not limited to, custom balloons, accessories, decor etc.. as well as accumulated time invested in to your event.

*Payments made with a credit card include a NON-refundable 4% processing fee.

Absolutely NO refunds within 48 hours of event.


We will arrive 1-4 hours ahead of your scheduled picnic time to set up and decorate.  Picnics are strictly 2 hours beginning at your scheduled time.  Please arrive on time to your Picnic. 

If you are more then 20 minutes late to your picnic we will have to reschedule and a late fee of $45 will be incurred. 

Picnic Rules

  • No dirt or shoes on blankets/rugs please. We provide a rack for your shoes & belongings. 

  • Please be mindful of your children and pets. Any damage to equipment or decor will be deducted from deposit. 

  • No smoking

  • Do not leave picnic unattended.

  • Not eating inside teepee tents.

  • No sitting on tables.

Children & Pets

Please be mindful of your little ones and furry ones with regards to rental items. 

 Any damage to equipment/decor will be deducted from your deposit.

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